In its digitizing workflows, the Chicago Albumen Works follows, as a minimum standard, the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) document Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials. DOWNLOAD PDF. More information on FADGI and its activities may be found at

When digitization is preliminary to either LVT output or fine art reproduction, we capture at higher resolutions than suggested by the Technical Guidelines and create derivative files to meet specific secondary needs.

Quality control of our LVT film output is guided by the specifications found in the National Archives and Records Administration's publication Technical Requirements for the Duplication of B&W Negatives: Shadow Normalization Tone ReproductionDOWNLOAD PDF

Calibrations and Profiles:

Every element of CAW's digital workflow is calibrated and profiled.

We profile input devices (scanners and cameras) using reflective and transmission targets, such as the X-Rite Digital ColorChecker SG Card, Golden Thread target, or the HutchColor HTC target. Equipment used for projects involving specific photographic media is profiled against the appropriate IT8 or Q-60 target.

Monitors are regularly checked and calibrated.

Custom profiles are prepared for all printer/paper combinations.

LVT film recorders are calibrated using X-Rite Model 811 and Model 310T/R transmission/reflection densitometers.