The Chicago Albumen Works staff bring a wide range of training and experience to bear on the tasks at hand. CAW's size is large enough to accommodate professional diversity and at the same time small enough to encourage the sharing of expertise and ideas in a collegial atmosphere. Collectively we possess advanced degrees or certificates in photograph conservation, fine art photography, art and photographic history, and digital photography (including color management and fine art reproduction), plus years of accumulated experience in the photographic laboratory

Doug Munson received his BA in Geophysical Sciences and MA in History from the University of Chicago. In 1976, after a period of teaching and working as a commercial photographer, he co-founded the Chicago Albumen Works, a workshop devoted to the production of vintage media photographic prints. During the 1990's, under Doug's leadership, CAW became renowned for its work in duplicating glass plate, nitrate, and diacetate negatives, as well as developing a procedure for the recovery of severely deteriorated acetate negatives. Doug's scientific and technical skills enabled him to move the company into the digital age. Over the past 10 years, CAW has been providing high quality digital archiving services to institutions and individuals, keeping in sight it's core mandate to serve the preservation and conservation needs of the photographic community.

(Dorothy) Toddy Munson graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in Art History, and received her MA from The Williams College Graduate Program in the History of Art, where her focus was the History of Photography. Prior to joining the staff of CAW, she was Curator of Prints for Robert Motherwell, as well as an intaglio printer in his studio. She is the author of the catalogue raisonné of Motherwell's graphic works included in The Prints of Robert Motherwell, 1943-1990, by Stephanie Terenzio, Hudson Hills Press (1991).

Oleg Baburin received his BS and his MS in Engineering from St. Petersburg (Russia) State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, where he specialized in computer aided design systems. Before his university studies, he studied at the St. Petersburg Technical College of Aviation Instrumentation. From 2000-2005, Oleg was a research engineer at Wilhelm Imaging Research in Grinnell, Iowa, during which time he owned and operated Sigma Plus, a business that provided digital imaging and technology solutions to photographers, businesses, and private customers.

Ki Joo Kim received her BA and MFA in Photography from Sang Myung University in Chonan, Korea. She studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology, from 1998-2000, where she received a MS in Cross-Disciplinary Professional Studies, with a focus on the management and preservation of photographic collections. During her student years, Ki Joo was a research assistant at the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, New York; an exhibitions preparator at George Eastman House, also in Rochester; and a teaching assistant at Sang Myung University in Korea. She joined the CAW staff in 2000.