Disaster Recovery
CAW possesses the technical know-how and the facilities required to receive and process frozen photographic materials resulting from water damage. Should your collection suffer water damage, contact us immediately for advice on stabilization, shipping techniques, and recovery options.

Collection Surveys
To assist an institution in the preparation of a preservation program, the Chicago Albumen Works conducts condition assessment surveys of photograph collections. The resulting survey report, which may describe the collection at object level or bulk level, will include background information on the types of media found, the specific condition(s) of the items surveyed, a discussion of the conservation issues exhibited by the collection, and suggestions for the development of a preservation program for the collection that is consistent with the institution's mandate and resources.

Shipping Nitrate Negatives
Nitrocellulose negatives must be shipped as Dangerous Goods (also called Hazardous Materials or HazMat). CAW makes sure at least one staff member always has a current certification as a HazMat employee, and we can assist institutions in the proper packaging, labeling, forms, and emergency numbers required for a Federal Express Dangerous Goods shipment.